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It’s been a busy time here on the maternity wards at Wyvern Farm !  It all started late one Monday evening when I went to do my final checks on the animals and it was then that I noticed that Mocha was in labour.  Unfortunately Mocha was struggling as the kid had not presented herself correctly so we called for assistance from our shepherd friend David who successfully delivered a beautiful little girl called “Milka”.  Mocha settled into motherhood really well and just a week later late one evening it was Chocca’s turn to become a mum.  With another late night in store we came equipped with suitable provisions (namely rum and coke and prosecco !) and set up camp in the barn.  It wasn’t long before Chocca gave birth to “Latte” a lovely tri colour girl, then 15 minutes later out popped her brother “Cappuccino”.

So that was kidding done for the year, and we knew we would have a quiet couple of weeks before lambing season started so we could enjoy some time with the kid goats.  Oh how wrong were we.  I was busy working away in the barn one Saturday morning and noticed that our Oxford Sandy and Black sow “Betty” was very busy nesting and moving all her bedding from one end of the pen to the other so yet again we set up camp outside Betty’s pen and kept watch.  Our other sow “Wilma” gave birth during the night so we were determined to witness Betty giving birth.  Later on that evening Betty gave birth to 8 healthy piglets and within an hour all the piglets were feeding well.

Now it was time to concentrate on the lambing season, which meant a visit from Shepherd David to come and give the girls a hair cut and to see who is or isn’t expecting.  David confirmed that 20 of our ewes are in lamb with some due imminently so both Sarah and I are on lamb watch for the foreseeable.  Low and behold 4 days later Sarah took Muffin out for an early morning walk and was greeted by two bleating lambs in the paddock !  So I hooked up the “lamb taxi” and collected mum and her lambs and took them to the nursery paddock.  1 down, 19 to go…..

All the new arrivals proved too much for this lot !!