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Whilst you have heard about and seen pictures of the livestock, I thought it was time to introduce the domestic animals at Wyvern Farm.

When Sarah and I met she already had a Jack Russell called Diddy and for one of her birthdays I decided to buy her another one who we called Doddy !

Doddy had a brief liaison with Marvin and after a few weeks a trip to the vets confirmed Doddy was in the family way.

Weeks passed by and Doddy was extremely close to her due date so I decided to sit down with her one evening while Sarah was mucking out and watch some whelping video’s on YouTube. After a while Doddy became bored of watching the videos so I popped out to feed the chickens.

Upon returning 5 minutes later, there was Doddy in her whelping box with a pup ! A quick phone call to Sarah and a mad dash back from the paddocks and Sarah and I were on pup watch, well that’s after we both poured a large alcoholic beverage !

Within no time at all Doddy was the proud mum of 5 puppies, all healthy and feeding well.

For the purposes of identification at this stage the pups were known as 1 spot, 2 spot, spot on bum, black eye and 5 spot. We were selling them after all so they didn’t need names.

Mother in law had lost her Jack Russell the year before and we promised her pick of the litter so she chose 1 spot or Pudding as she is now known.

Weeks passed and I said to Sarah about advertising the others, it was at this point she said she couldn’t bear to part with them, so Bean, Logi, Dobbie and Bronx were now part of the family !

However it was proving difficult when calling the dogs in from outside so that is when they became known as “The Toads”.  Don’t ask me why, we have no idea how we got to toads !!

Diddy, Doddy, Dobbie, Bean and Logi are still with us here at Wyvern Farm however Bronx (shown in his Christmas wear) went to live with a friend of Sarah’s as he didn’t get on with his siblings.

You may remember from an earlier blog that we had to say goodbye to Sarah’s labrador Blueberry and my pointer Oscar shortly after moving here in 2016.

The time was now right for another labrador to be Sarah’s side kick, so for Sarah’s 40th Birthday last year “Muffin” joined the family.

So that just leaves the cats, Monkey and Hokee.

Monkey was orphaned as a young kitten when his mum was hit by a car so we agreed to give him a lovely life on our smallholding in return for him helping out with the rodent population. How wrong we were.. Monkey is like no other cat, in fact he thinks he is a dog, we think this might have something to do with his bond with Diddy the Jack Russell.


It was shortly after Monkey arrived with us that we saw Diddy holding Monkey by the scruff of the neck and carting him across the front lawn. Obviously we feared the worst but it would seem that Diddy was just helping him across the lawn. Ever since then Monkey loves playing with all the dogs and due to the fact that he thinks and behaves like a dog he should not have to catch his own dinner !

Living on a smallholding unfortunately brings about rodents, as Monkey had no intention of helping in this matter we had to look for an alternative and as by chance some friends were looking to rehome a young part feral cat from a colleague of theirs.

Within days of Hokee’s arrival he was greeting us each morning with his catch of the night. With Hokee as our resident yard cat we can rest assured that the rodent population is under control.