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Since moving to Wyvern Farm back in 2016 we have been busy changing and adapting the farm buildings to suit our needs. The chicken shed which previously housed 4000 hens for free range egg production has been stripped out and various pens have been set up so that all our animals can come in and out as they please, the egg packing shed is now home to Freddie Bear, Buckaroo and Callista and the Magnificent Seven now have a lovely stable and ménage.

Another priority was making sure all the fencing was secure and up to the job of containing various types of animals as we had already had a ewe and a lamb decide to escape through a fence, jump the river and join the neighbours flock ! So the fencing contractor was booked and we were finally secure, no animal would be able to escape… or so I thought !!

I had tended to the animals whilst Sarah had popped out and had decided I would pressure wash the yard. I was busy washing down the yard when out of the corner of my eye I glimpsed a sheep wandering where it shouldn’t have been wandering. As I looked up I saw all 40 sheep, 3 alpacas and 2 highland cows heading down the driveway and off into the village. It was at this point that Sarah was returning from her errands and was greeted by all the animals on the road and me frantically shaking a feed bucket in the hope that they would all turn round and calmly walk back home.. No chance, we had sheep in the neighbours garden, cows in the farmers field and alpacas who had no idea which direction to go ! With the help of some passers-by and numerous buckets of feed we eventually managed to get them all contained. Now it was just a matter of finding the breach in the fencing or as it turned out to be, admitting to Sarah that I must have left the gate open earlier. Ooops..

There have been numerous additions since moving and rare breed pig keeping has been an important part of our new smallholding, to date we have had Berkshires, Gloucestershire Old Spots and Oxford Sandy Blacks and for the first time we have successfully bred our own litter of Berkshire cross Gloucestershire Old Spots, well done Wilma for being such a great first time mum.

Whilst there is always joy with the new arrivals on the farm we have also had some sad goodbyes to make, Elvis and Twitch (alpacas), Blueberry (labrador), Oscar (pointer) and Bug (sheep) have all made it to rainbow bridge.